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18 May: AI에 대한 7가지 오해

최근의 AI는 과거 하둡을 연상시킬 정도로 압도적 관심을 받고 있다. 수 년 간 ‘빅데이터 = 하둡’ 이라는 잘못된 인식이 유지된 것처럼 AI도 마치 뭔가 새로운 소프트웨어를 구매하고 신규 시스템을 구축하면 활용할 수 있는 만능 통치약처럼 이해되고 있다. 이런 오해에서 벗어나야 ‘남이 하니 나도 한다’…

Move to Korea
10 Apr: Move to Korea

We recently moved to Korea. We are excited to be here. Everyone has been so wonderful. This is a great adventure.

15 Jan: Qualitative Differences in Basic Models

Looking at the night sky I see clear features on the moon, ones I can confirm with repeated personal observation with the naked eye. But I can also find out some details about objects much further away that no one has visited. Advances in…

20 Oct: How AI conquered democracy

Arguably, there’s no better time to be a politician than now. With the advances made in AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Machine Learning politicians can have access to real-time polling results. They also have much further-reaching access to their constituents due to the fact…

casestudy-03-02 (Demo)
15 Oct: Sentimental Service

The Rise of Serious Support Source: AdobeStock Who doesn’t love the convenience of buying stuff online? Yet how many times have I been burned? For the first time–ever–I have been having customer support experiences that surprise me and give me hope that this industry…

Robot Friend
07 Oct: Is there a robot ‘friend’ in your future?

According to this Forbes article here, care-giving robots that “understand” human emotion are likely to become a part of daily life in the not too distant future. A big reason is practical: People are living longer and there’s an expanding demographic bulge of people over…

Robot Feeling
07 Oct: Teaching the Machine to Feel

    Source: Adobe Stock Teaching the Machine to Feel. This is the tagline we have been using for Artificial Emotional Intelligence for a while now. I stumbled—using flipboard—across an interesting story in Wired magazine about a company giving robots the power to feel….

04 Oct: A look at the emotion: Curiosity

A recent article about curiosity instantly dives into the complexities of the emotion. Curiosity is a familiar feeling among people.But a soon as we scrutinize that feeling, curiosity reveals itself to be a complex emotion indeed. Just ask yourself: Is curiosity a positive feeling…

03 Oct: AI teaches itself to understand sentiment

It’s no secret that the more data AI and sentiment analysis engines have access to, the smarter they can be. But the neural network developed by OpenAI did something unexpected: The model was fed data from 82 million Amazon product reviews. It was then…