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About BPU Holdings

BPU Holdings is dedicated to generating the first Artificial Emotional Intelligent (AEI) platform — ZimOS.  ZimOS is the foundation of AEI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) emulates how people think — AEI emulates how people feel.

Individuals and organizations are overloaded with information. The four trends compounding this overload are: Mobile, Social, Cloud and Invasive Computing. The ZimOS platform is the foundation of products and services that enhance how we process data.

BPU advances the human condition by providing rigorous tools to improve emotional intelligence. Identifying and handling emotions enables management of interpersonal and professional relationships judiciously and empathetically. AEI is a synthesis of Natural Language Analysis, Machine Learning and Emotional Intelligence (EI). We are committed to building technology with Privacy by Design. Individuals and organizations have sovereign control and ownership of their ZimOS environment.

BPU gives back. Our acronym translates to ‘Bae-Pum 베풀다(베품)’ in Korean; which means ‘to giveaway’. We strive to do exactly that as we have set our company Articles to allocate 30% of our Company’s profit to the public good.

Emotional Intelligence Search Engine, ZimGo

  • Company – BPU Holdings Inc.
  • Date of foundation – Nov 2012
  • Representative director – Oh Sang Gyoon
  • Main phone number – +822 548 9593
  • Website – www.bpuholdings.com
  • Registration number – 144-81-06846
  • Location of head office – BPUBldg, 9 Gangnam-daero 140 gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06043 Korea
  • International office-
    • BPUI – 2777 Paradise road 3102 Las Vegas, NV 89109 USA
    • BPUE – Vilsonovo šetalište 9, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Service – Emotional Intelligence Search Engine, ZimGo / Advertising Platform, HyperionAds