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BPU History 2018
  • 2018
  • 2018.12 ZIMGO Launching
  • 2018.10 Co-Project about aiMei Framework (Healthcare) with NSF / Arizona Univ.
  • 2018.10 Sillicon Valley Reward(October 19 2018)
    The Silicon Review – BPU Holdings has been awarded and ranked number 15 out of the ’50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the year’ by The Silicon Review. Not only the glory of their highly valued products/services, but also to recognize their contribution in business and technology.
    Mr.Oh interview URL: https://thesiliconreview.com/magazines/dedicated-to-improving-life-with-artificial-emotional-intelligence-bpu-holdings/
  • 2018.09 CIO Application Reward(Awarded on September 22)
    CIO Applications Europe – BPU Holdings is recognized within Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers in 2018. Presented by CIO Applications Europe magazine, BPU is listed as one of the companies providing Artificial Intelligence Solutions, helping clients build competitive advantage and transform their business.
  • 2018.09 Neil Publisher Launching
  • 2018.06 AI EXPO : Participate as a sponsor
  • 2018.01 BPU D.O.O established as development center of BPU Holdings, based in Sarajevo, South East Europe.
  • 2017
  • Patent publication of “System and Method for Searching and Matching Content Over Social Networks Relevant to an Individual”
  • Personality test & mood tracking app “aiMei” beta release
  • Establishment of BPU EUROPE trademark registration of ‘ZIMGO’ in Taiwan, EU, England, USA, Japan, Australia trademark registration of ‘HYPERIONADS’ in Korea, Taiwan, England, EU, Australia
  • International Technology Conference, ICITCS (visitor program)
  • Sentiment Analysis Symposium Newyork
  • NBC Tech Talk, CEO interview
  • Copyright registration of 4 programs including statistical analysis software ‘Zimgo’
  • Make an appearance at TV program “standard procedure of success worker” on SBS CNBC
bpu 2016
  • 2016
  • Establishment of subsidiary company in the U.S.
  • Patent application in the U.S.
  • Contract with ‘Doppel Soft’
  • Contract with mobile ad exchange company ‘Smaato’
  • Application of trademark ‘ZimGo’ in 5 countries including the U.S.
  • Registration of trademark ‘ZimGo’ in Korea
bpu 2015
  • 2015
  • ZimGo’ web renewal
  • Development of ‘ZimGo’ premium version
  • Attraction of investments
  • Development of Piranha network prototype
  • Development of optimized ADTech platform (RTB support) ‘HyperionAds’
bpu 2014
  • 2014
  • Cooperation development agreement with U.S. company ‘BIZZBLIZZ’
  • Development of Big Data analysis technology
  • Building of real-time distributed processing system
  • Building of memory cash database
  • Development of Machine Learning technology
  • Development of Big Data search technology
  • Alpha test for ‘ZimGo’
bpu 2013
  • 2013
  • Beginning of digital signage development
  • Cooperation development agreement with development digital signage media contents service ‘Harmony Center’
  • Beginning of joint development agreement with ‘Harmony Center’ and Seoul Economy Daily
  • SNS integration of semantic emotion analysis search engine
bpu 2012
  • 2012
  • Establishment of BPU Holdings Corp.