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[PRESS RELEASE] BPU Holdings Artificial Emotional Intelligence Sponsors AI Expo (2018.06.27)
Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) Changing the Face of Political Forecasting and Healthcare

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BPU Holdings is set to appear at this week’s AI Expo Europe in Amsterdam. Company CTO Carlos “Art” Nevarez will open the curtains to BPU’s advanced ZimOS Operating System Cloud service that allows the individual or enterprise to invert AI and AEI to a more personalized, synthetic, emotional emulation.

The first demonstration — Evolved Forecasting Using Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) — highlights ZimGo Polling, outlining the opportunities for proactive dialogue, unfiltered conversations, and more accurate political forecasting in real time. The presentation is set for conference day 2 (June 28) at 10:15 a.m. The second appearance features company Content Curator and Spokesperson Allison Kang on a panel exploring “AI Transforming Healthcare.”

This is set for day 2 (June 28) at 12:45 p.m.

“We are teaching the machine to synthetically emulate emotional intelligence to better relate to how you and I feel,” states Mr. Nevarez. “So many exciting applications present themselves to enhance healthcare analytics, market assessment, consumer and voter sentiment, and delivering customized content in the Internet of Things.”

Carlos “Art” Nevarez
CTO, BPU Holdings

Among many other applications, BPU’s AEI technology shows great potential for healthcare advances in patient emotional and critical assessment.


Salim Hariri, Ph.D.,
Co-director of the Natural Science Foundation &
The Center for Autonomic Computing
The University of Arizona

Among early advances spawned from this evolving technology, BPU showcases ZimGo Neil, a new kind of personal AI news curator making Apple’s list of top apps in the U.S. and South Korea twice. ZimGo aiMei is a fun personal AEI app geared to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence on your wearable watch or smartphone. Available in French, Korean and English, ZimGo Polling, the first AEI-based political forecasting platform, has garnered early success in South Korea and U.S. election cycles with plans to apply it to Europe. Attendees also get a pre-release sneak peek at Neil Publisher, as well as ZimOS, your personal and teachable AI in the cloud, to better manage the ever-increasing complexity of a connected, mobile and social life.

Seth Grimes, principal analyst for Alta Plana specializing in natural language processing (NLP), text analytics and sentiment analysis, states, “Automated emotion understanding — emotion AI — is now a must-have capability for consumer marketing and public-facing campaigns, including electoral campaigns…”

About BPU

BPU Holdings is dedicated to generating the first Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) platform — ZimOS. ZimOS is the foundation of AEI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) emulates how people think — AEI emulates how people feel.

Individuals and organizations are overloaded with information. The four trends compounding this overload are: Mobile, Social, Cloud and Invasive Computing. The ZimOS platform is the foundation of products and services that enhance how we process data.

BPU advances the human condition by providing rigorous tools to improve emotional intelligence. Identifying and handling emotions enables management of interpersonal and professional relationships judiciously and empathetically. AEI is a synthesis of Natural Language Analysis, Machine Learning and Emotional Intelligence (EI). We are committed to building technology with Privacy by Design. Individuals and organizations have sovereign control and ownership of their ZimOS environment.

BPU gives back. BPU translates to “Bae-Pum” in Korean, which means “to give away.” We strive to do exactly that, as we have set our company Articles to allocate 30% of our Company’s profit to the public good.

Information about BPU is available by contacting press[at]

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