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18 May: AI에 대한 7가지 오해

최근의 AI는 과거 하둡을 연상시킬 정도로 압도적 관심을 받고 있다. 수 년 간 ‘빅데이터 = 하둡’ 이라는 잘못된 인식이 유지된 것처럼 AI도 마치 뭔가 새로운 소프트웨어를 구매하고 신규 시스템을 구축하면 활용할 수 있는 만능 통치약처럼 이해되고 있다. 이런 오해에서 벗어나야 ‘남이 하니 나도 한다’…

Move to Korea
10 Apr: Move to Korea

We recently moved to Korea. We are excited to be here. Everyone has been so wonderful. This is a great adventure.

15 Jan: Qualitative Differences in Basic Models

Looking at the night sky I see clear features on the moon, ones I can confirm with repeated personal observation with the naked eye. But I can also find out some details about objects much further away that no one has visited. Advances in…

20 Oct: How AI conquered democracy

Arguably, there’s no better time to be a politician than now. With the advances made in AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Machine Learning politicians can have access to real-time polling results. They also have much further-reaching access to their constituents due to the fact…